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Debbie Poloka

Our Trainer

After more than twenty years in the professional business world, Debbie's passion for dogs prompted her to move in a different career direction. Her insight into dog behavior and training is a result of five plus years of experience in the field and assisting other dog trainers. 

Debbie now teaches the following:

  • An intensive puppy class
  • dog obedience class
  • private in-home dog training
  • In-kennel courses
  • She also holds weekly classes in North Park for current clients.

Debbie also has years of experience as a personal growth and development coach for humans. Debbie has enjoyed being around dogs all of her life; growing up with German Shepherds and Black Labs; and German Shepherds and German Shepherds mixes over the years.

She took in Dakota, a German Shepherd, into her home in August of 2009 and Ruger, a Rottweiler, in February 2011. Just this past December (2013), she was given a beautiful gift, her little German Shepherd puppy named Star. Debbie enjoys hiking, running, training, and walking almost daily and loves the outdoors! Playing ball is one of her and her dogs favorite past times!

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