Visit our Sandy Hill Kennels retail shop for your pet supplies.

Pet Care Coupons

New Client Discount

First-time clients receive 10% off of boarding and grooming services at your first visit.  Just mention at check-out that it’s your first time at our facility and we’ll give you the discount

Multi-Pet Discount

Families with 2 dogs in the same run will receive 10% off boarding services.  Families with 3 or more pets in the same run will receive 15% off boarding services.  Discount will be given at time of check-out.

Referral Program

The highest compliments our clients give are the referral of their friends and family. Thank you for your trust. We are offering $10 gift cards to Sandy Hill Kennels for every referral.

If you have been referred to Sandy Hill Kennels by a family member or friend, please let us know so we may reward them with a gift card.