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Pet Day Care Services

Dog Day Care Rates

 Full day (drop off before 12pm)

 $20.00 per dog

 Half day (drop off after 12pm)

 $15.00 per dog

 Full day with Training Services

 $15.00 per dog + Training Fee

 Half day with Training Services

 $10.00 per dog + Training Fee

 Daycare with Grooming

 $10.00 per dog + Grooming Fee

The base daycare rates include:  at least 4 playtimes a day in one of our artificial lawn play yards, use of indoor/outdoor runs or x-pens, and two feedings per day, if needed.  Grooming, training, and walking can be arranged for an additional fee.  


Pittsburgh pet day care

Each dog is provided playtimes four to six times per day in one of our artificial lawn play yards.  Please let the staff know upon check-in if your dog enjoys playing catch or has any other activities that might make your pet’s playtimes more enjoyable.

Also, if your dog enjoys playing with other dogs, please let us know and we will try our best to find a suitable playmate or play group for your dog.


Pittsburgh pet day careDogs can be walked for an additional fee of $5.00 per walk/dog around the property.  Dogs can be walked in the AM and/or PM.  We use choke collars for safety during the walks.  You may bring your own harness or gentle leader, if you prefer.


Sandy Hill Kennels provides two feedings per day at 8 am and 1 pm.

We serve Iams Adult Mini-chunks dry dog food.  You may bring your own food or use ours at no extra charge.  You may also bring your own canned food.

If a late day feeding or 3rd feeding is requested, there will be a $2.00 fee added to your daily bill.  Please request additional/late feedings upon check-in.

In addition, we use gravy on everyone’s food regardless if they bring their own food or use ours.  Please mention if your pet has food allergies or sensitivities, or if you prefer that a gravy not be used.


Medications (dogs only) are administered at a rate of $1.00 per dose or application.  For oral medications, we use cheese or peanut butter to help administer the medication.  If your dog takes the medication using something else, please bring it at check-in.

Insulin (dogs only) is administered at a rate of $6.00 per injection.  Late feeding is included in medication charge.

In addition, there is a specialized care classification for pets that require additional care due to a specific health condition or due to declining health.  Specialized care will be on a case to case basis and generally apply to pets that are diabetic or geriatrics with immobility issues or pets requiring special assistance.  Specialized care is an additional $5.00 per day.


Dog grooming can be arranged during your pets daycare for an additional fee.

Vaccination Requirements

Sandy Hill Kennels requires Bordetella (6 month or 1 year dose), Distemper, and Rabies vaccinations.  We suggest that the Bordetella vaccine is given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.

If your pet's vaccination report does not accompany him/her upon arrival for boarding, a $5.00 fee will be added to your final bill for a phone call to your veterinarian for verification of your pet's vaccinations.
For your convenience, you or your vet may fax your vaccination records to our facility in advance.  Our fax number is (724)898-2868.
For the health of all pets staying at our facility, we do not accepts dogs or cats that are not up to date on their vaccinations.



If combining daycare with training services, please schedule your appointment with Debbie Poloka (Star Dog Training) in advance.  Please click here to view a list of the available training services.


Difficult dogs will be charged an additional $5.00/day on top of base boarding rates.  Difficult dogs are those that cannot be handled or that can only be handled by limited kennel personnel.  This includes dogs that are fear aggressive, cage aggressive, overly dominant, or hard to handle.  Each dog will be assessed on an individual basis.  If you are interested in having one of our trainers work with your dog, please click here for more information.

Pick-up / Drop-off

The hours for drop off and pick up are between 9 am - noon and 3 pm - 7 pm.

Please note, we do not allow outside bedding and/or crates.  We provide each dog with double sided lambs wool beds.  Older or arthritic dogs receive an additional rug.  We also provide the feeding bowls and water buckets.


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