Our Team

Meet our dog groomers and trainers at Sandy Hill Kennels. 

Sandy Hill Kennel's Staff


Jackie GeorgeJackie George, Kennel Manager
Jackie has been employed with Sandy Hill Kennels since 2011.  She graduated high school in 2006 and knew she wanted to devote herself to animal care and wellness.  She obtained her Associate's Degree in Veterinary Technology and went off to work at a busy hospital in the suburbs of Pittsburgh where she worked for 5 years.  It was during this time that she adopted her cats and one of her two dogs, all of whom were either patients or surrendered.  She left the fast lane of the hospital for something a little calmer and closer to her home and has been here ever since!  She is currently the Kennel Manager at Sandy Hill Kennels and is loving every moment of it!  Geriatric dogs or those with a medical history who need some extra TLC are her favorite clients, though she feels pups are always refreshing too.  She hopes to see you and your pups soon!

Erin Smith, Kennel Supervisor
Erin Smith is the newest addition to our kennel supervisors. She graduated from Geneva College in 2015 with bachelors in Environmental Science and began working at Sandy Hill Kennels in January 2016 as a kennel worker. Erin became a supervisor in August 2017. She has always had a deep love and passion for animals and loves working here with the dogs.


Will MahaffeyWill Mahaffey, Kennel Supervisor
Will Mahaffey came to the kennel in April 2015 after running his own business.  Will started out at Sandy Hill Kennels as a bather in groomer.  He knew this was his new home almost immediately.  Whether he is washing a dog, changing a light bulb, or helping your dog out of the car, he is always glad to help wherever he is needed.  Will has always loved animals, especially dogs.  He loves all types of dogs - from giant Mastiffs to little Shih Tzu's.  Some of his favorites are Bulldogs (any kind), Basset Hounds, Labs, Beagles, King Charles Cavalier, and any dog that loves to play and cuddle.  His specialty is getting the nervous or apprehensive dogs to trust him and Will helps make them as comfortable as possible during their stay.  Will treats every dog that comes to the kennel as if they are his own and he expects every staff member to do the same.  You can always find him with one of the dogs that are currently boarding with us.  In addition, Will has an English Bulldog named Mr. Eko.

Pet Groomers

Kris (Groomer)
Sandy Hill Kennels is happy to welcome Kris to our grooming staff.  Kris recently relocated to the Pittsburgh area and comes to us with over 20 years experience.  She has a variety of grooming training including hand stripping, Asian fusion, and cat grooming.  She has won numerous awards including Best All Around Groomer and Potpourri First Place at grooming trade shows.  She has rescues several dogs and cats and loves grooming all breeds of dogs, but has a special fondness for terriers.

Sara (Groomer)
Sara joined our grooming staff in the Spring of 2019.  She graduated from Pamper Pet Grooming School in January 2013 and has been grooming ever since.  Sara can groom all breeds of dogs from small to big and happy to not so happy.  Sara has extensive clientele from the northern Pittsburgh area and we are happy that Sara is part of our team.

Jessica (Grooming Assistant)
Jessica Artana started working at Sandy Hill Kennels in February 2016 as a kennel worker.  She quickly moved into grooming as a bather and immediately took a liking to bathing/grooming.  Fellow groomers say that Jessica has a special way when working with the dogs to help them relax. Jessica has become an irreplaceable part of the Sandy Hill Kennel's grooming team.  In addition to bathing, Jessica has started finishing dogs.  We're glad Jessica is part of our team.