Our Team

Meet our dog groomers and trainers at Sandy Hill Kennels. 

Sandy Hill Kennel's Staff


Jenna Cord, General Manager
Jenna Cord joined the Sandy Hill Kennels team in March 2021 after moving into the area.  She began her work as a Kennel Assistant and became a Kennel Supervisor shortly after.  Jenna previously worked in the rehabilitation of native Pennsylvania wildlife as well as the rehoming of Pittsburgh's domestic population for nearly 7 years.  Her primary focus was managing a volunteer department that provided daily husbandry. To this day, Jenna still enjoys fostering, especially bottle fed baby kittens. At the start of 2022, Jenna took over as General Manager of Sandy Hill Kennels due to her past work experiences and strong interpersonal skills.  Jenna's favorite parts of working at Sandy Hill Kennels include meeting new dogs and their owners; making the dogs feel at home; providing various forms of enrichment to benefit a dog's stay; and giving out all of the treats.  Just like her grandma, Jenna also loves when your dog eats all of their food.  While she has always been passionate about all animals, she has an affinity for Golden Retrievers.  She likes to spend her free time with her husband, their 3 dogs, 2 cats and Willy the parrot.  Jenna is beyond thrilled to be chosen for this leadership opportunity and looks forward to working with you soon.

'Will MahaffeyWill Mahaffey, Kennel Supervisor
Will Mahaffey came to the kennel in April 2015 after running his own business.  Will started out at Sandy Hill Kennels as a bather in groomer.  He knew this was his new home almost immediately.  Whether he is washing a dog, changing a light bulb, or helping your dog out of the car, he is always glad to help wherever he is needed.  Will has always loved animals, especially dogs.  He loves all types of dogs - from giant Mastiffs to little Shih Tzu's.  Some of his favorites are Bulldogs (any kind), Basset Hounds, Labs, Beagles, King Charles Cavalier, and any dog that loves to play and cuddle.  His specialty is getting the nervous or apprehensive dogs to trust him and Will helps make them as comfortable as possible during their stay.  Will treats every dog that comes to the kennel as if they are his own and he expects every staff member to do the same.  You can always find him with one of the dogs that are currently boarding with us.  In addition, Will has an King Charles Cavalier named Linus..

Liz Pursh, Kennel Supervisor
Liz Pursh joined Sandy Hill Kennels in January 2020.  Liz has 13 years experience in the pet industry, from retail to daycare and boarding.  She has spent the last 4 years managing boarding facilities in Florida.  Liz grew up with dogs, birds, and hamsters, and currently has two cats.  She loves all animals and dog breeds, but has a soft spot for Huskies. She also produces original content for the Sandy Hill Kennel's Facebook and Instagram pages.  We are thrilled to have Liz on the Sandy Hill Kennel's team.


Pet Groomers

Christine Cherup (Grooming Assistant)
Christine Cherup has been working in the grooming room since 2019.  Christine started bathing part-time and has taken on more responsibilities in the grooming room since then.  She is a wife and has 2 daughters.  She is also a pet mom to 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a happy hamster.  When Christine is with your dog, she is giving them the same love and affection that she gives her own pets right down to the kisses on the forehead.  She believes animals, especially dogs, have the same emotions as we do and when not in the presence of their own family, they should still feel loved until they are back home.  We are thrilled to have someone like Christine working with your dogs.