Group Dog Training Classes

Puppy Training Programs

Puppy Intensive Program:

$240 for six (6) week program        Instructor:  Debbie Poloka

For pups ages 10 weeks to 6 months (depending on pup).

The Puppy Intensive Program is an intensive two-hour class for the motivated owner that is a relationship-based course that focuses on teaching basic dog communication, obedience, puppy development, and understanding, prohibiting, managing, and interrupting undesirable puppy behaviors.
Each class will begin with a brief period of controlled loose puppy socialization and teaching of dog interaction.  Then each puppy and handler is taught individually in a nearly distraction free environment using a positive reward marker training system incorporating food.  Behaviors taught include:  sit, down, recall, calming techniques, and introduction to the stay, and loose leash walking.

One handler per dog required.  Other attendees welcome with prior notification to allow for seating.  Minimum of 4 participants per class.

Advanced Puppy Program:

$180 for six (6) week program   Instructor:  Debbie Poloka

For pups/dogs ages 6 months and up.

Advanced Puppy is an intensive two-hour class designed around the older pup that has already been through the Intensive Puppy (or comparable), knows all the commands and performs them fluently.  The class is designed to take everything we learned into real world experiences, getting your pup/dog to the next level and well-balanced.  We will also address new behaviors that come with adolescence, using mild aversions to interfere or correct.  This class is NOT for dogs with aggression issues toward other dogs or people - please inquire about private sessions.

Any questions, please contact the trainer directly:

Debbie Poloka              412.596.6263          




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